The rental of the villa includes a staff of five. The following services are included in the rental of the villa.
The shopping for, prearation, serving and clean up of two meals per day, either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. There are more meal  options such as breakfast and dinner or breakfast, lunch and dinner that are available for an extra fee. The grocery bill is paid for by the guests once a day. The guests pay $12 US per day for the taxi from the grocery store to the villa. The villa does not profit at all from the food and beverages. The guests will only pay the grocery store price for their food. Guests can calculate approximately $20 US per adult per day for food. The cost of food for children can be less depending on how much they eat.  If they eat half as much as an adult, the cost will be half as much. If the guests order exotic food such as lobster, giant shrimp or the best quality imported US beef, the cost per one of those meals will go up $5 US per person.  The $20 US would include the two meals the chef will prepare and ingredients for breakfast that the guests may want to put together themselves. The guests give the shopping money one day in advance to the chef. The chef gives all the bills and change to the guests once a day and the guests give the next days menu to the chef when they give her the shopping money.  Alcohol and beer would be extra, also at cost.
 Housekeeping. The house keeper cleans the bedrooms and the interior common areas. Laundry service (even personal laundry) is included also. Towels are changed daily and bed linens are changed every three days.There is a house man who cleans the pool, the patios, the beach, and all exterior areas as well carrying luggage and other chores.  You can give money to the chef who will pick up small quantities of beer, wine and alcohol (one or two cases of beer, two bottles of liquor and two bottles of red or white wine). Money for that should be given in advance to the chef and is apart from the food money.  If your guests are heavy drinkers or if you have a special event or a wedding planned guests are responsible for purchasing their own alcoholic beverages.
When both villas are rented by one big group the chef and assistant chef from one villa team up with the chef and assistant chef from the other villa to do all of the preparation in one kitchen.
The staff for a 14 bedroom rental, both 7 bedroom villas, includes the following staff:
A chef, a sous chef, two assistants to the chef, two house keepers, two housemen and the laudry lady.
Airport round trip shuttle service and local transportation can be arranged by the villa staff and is not included in the rental of the villa.

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Assistant chef

House keeping

House man

Laundry Service

In house massages, facials, manicures and pedicures.